What is SureSmile?

What is SureSmile Florida and how can it help your Orthodontic Treatment?

Dr. Escott is the only doctor in Orlando and the Central Florida area using SureSmile technology. SureSmile is an advanced orthodontic treatment process that allows patients to achieve better treatment results and in less time than traditional orthodontic treatment.

One of the first questions a patient wants to know about their orthodontic treatment is how long the process will take. Expediency is a top priority for most patients, but not at the sacrifice of quality. SureSmile technology is an innovative treatment option with many benefits, including faster treatment times and improved accuracy. So far, SureSmile technology has helped treat over 100,000 patients.

SureSmile technology involves using advanced 3-D imaging technology with specialized software to create custom wires to be used with your braces. Since wires are what move your teeth when you have braces, having a precision-engineered wire custom fabricated for your treatment means your results are faster and more accurate. Compared to conventional braces, research has shown SureSmile can reduce the length of treatment by at least 30%. SureSmile can also offer the orthodontist more precise treatment options and requires fewer office visits from the patient. Yet, they’re comfortable and offer measurable, high-quality results.

While plaster models and standard X-rays are involved with traditional braces, SureSmile uses detailed virtual 3-D models to provide us with a more comprehensive picture of your teeth. From there, Dr. Escott uses SureSmile software to design his patient’s treatment. Using the advanced tools offered by SureSmile, Dr. Escott can customize a treatment plan precise to your overall dental situation and on a tooth by tooth basis.

SureSmile then creates custom individual archwires for your braces using a SureSmile robot to achieve your individualized treatment plan designed by Dr. Escott. Personalized, custom arch wires mean faster and more precise results for our patients, meaning you can have braces applied and removed much quicker than with traditional braces.

The SureSmile Process

Your first step will be a 3-D image of your teeth. We use state-of-the-art digital dental scans which eliminate the old-fashioned dental impressions that use messy putty. Virtual models of your mouth and teeth are then created, and this allows Dr. Escott to see the precise positioning of your teeth from all angles so that he may identify each exact dental issue that requires treatment. It’s a much more complete diagnostic picture than would be possible by “eye-balling” the patient’s teeth in the dental chair.

Dr. Escott will be able to utilize SureSmile’s advanced treatment planning software in conjunction with the 3-D model. Simulation tools project what a patient’s teeth will look like following various potential treatment options, allowing orthodontists to make the best treatment choices and comprehensive treatment plans for his patients, and can help Dr. Escott demonstrate possible outcomes to his patients.

One of the greatest benefits of SureSmile is that it creates more informed, upfront treatment expectations. Each tooth’s target position can be identified, planned, and anticipated. This allows patients to know what to expect during their treatment.

The SureSmile wires are made at the SureSmile lab. These specially designed wires are made by SureSmile robots, which are advanced one-of-a-kind machines. Dr. Escott’s prescription is precisely created when the robot custom bends the archwires using advanced alloys. This is a far different process than the manual bending performed by the orthodontist himself in traditional braces. While force applied during traditional braces is reliant upon the orthodontist manually bending wires to an approximate degree of accuracy, SureSmile archwires offer the precise amount of force necessary to consistently and gently transition teeth to their prescribed locations. SureSmile treatment planning software is accurate to a tenth of a millimeter and the archwires themselves are accurate to within one millimeter.

How is it Faster?

All teeth move at the same rate of speed through any professional corrective braces process, but SmartSmile technology does it faster because the SureSmile software projects this movement upon the most efficient path possible and with a force that’s customized, precise to deliver the prescribed amount of force necessary for the movement.

Bottom Line On SureSmile

If you’re looking for precision treatment, visual projections for treatment options, comfort, speedy treatment times, and less frequent office visits than traditional braces, SureSmile would be a good fit to create your amazing smile. Visit Escott Orthodontics in Orlando and Escott Orthodontics in Lake County to request your free orthodontic consultation and learn how Dr. Escott can help you achieve your amazing smile.

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