Dr. Escott utilizes advanced 3-D digital scanning technology, combined with custom robotically-shaped braces to create the most amazing smiles for every one of his patients.

Beautiful Smiles Using SureSmile Technology in Florida

Step 1: Digital Scan

The treatment process begins with a digital scan of your teeth. This digital scan works like a three dimensional camera to capture the unique details of your teeth in incredible detail. Getting your scan is easy! There is no radiation and there is no unpleasant dental impressions.

SureSmile Virtual Model

Step 2: Comprehensive Treatment Plan based on a Virtual Model

Your scan is then used to create a virtual model of your teeth and jaws. Dr. Escott uses this model to create a comprehensive plan for the movement of your teeth, and to design every detail of your smile. This process is critical to achieving the best-possible result for each individual patient.

Step 3: Adhering to Details

Straight teeth is just the beginning in quality orthodontic treatment, and getting the details right requires critical evaluation and careful planning for each patient’s treatment. While designing your orthodontic treatment using a virtual model, Dr. Escott also carefully plans important details such as how your teeth appear within your smile and how your teeth fit together when biting. Dr. Escott even looks at many smaller details, such as the shapes of individual teeth – carefully factoring in details such as worn edges and uneven gum tissue. Planning orthodontic treatment to this detail is critical for an excellent orthodontic treatment result.

Adhering to Details in SureSmile Treatment
SureSmile Robot Fabricates Archwires

Step 4: SureSmile Robot Fabricates Archwires

After designing your smile and creating your treatment plan, Dr. Escott utilizes the SureSmile robot to fabricate custom archwires for his patients. These robots are incredible machines, and only two exist in the world. These advanced robots are capable of creating wires for orthodontic treatment with accuracy and precision that cannot be achieved with any other method of orthodontic treatment.

Step 5: Receive Your Custom Archwires

Back in the clinic at Escott Orthodontics, you will receive your custom-made archwires to guide your teeth efficiently to the exact position that was planned by Dr. Escott. Your custom wires are remarkable in that they work on every tooth, simultaneously, to take teeth to their prescribed positions, expressing all of the details carefully designed by Dr. Escott. This means that one custom wire can achieve more than a dozen visits to the orthodontist done the traditional way. Therefore, your customized archwires can dramatically reduce orthodontic treatment time, not by forcing teeth to move “faster”, but by moving teeth with a precision that has never before been possible.

With traditional orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist inserts generic wires and monitors the patient’s response as they begin to move the teeth. Once every several weeks, the orthodontist has the patient return for visits to adjust the wire. As treatment progresses, the orthodontist usually begins to manually shape the wire by hand to continue to move teeth where the doctor desires. This type of treatment is reactive; the doctor evaluates the patient at every visit and makes decisions at that time on how to proceed with treatment. While traditional orthodontic treatment certainly progresses towards the doctor’s mental vision for the final result, traditional treatment lacks detailed treatment planning of the final result, as well as the precision provided by robotically-shaped wires.

Receive SureSmile Archwires
Final Result of SureSmile - A Beautiful Smile

You can expect an amazing result, in less time, and with fewer visits to the clinic. Less time visiting the orthodontist. Start enjoying your new smile sooner. Perfect.

After learning about how these incredible tools work, you are probably just as excited as Dr. Escott about what custom braces can do for you. Don’t contain your enthusiasm – bring it to the clinic, because at Escott Orthodontics we celebrate life-changing smiles! Dr. Escott and his dedicated team are always available to explain how the process works if you have questions about any details. Most importantly, we want you to know that we are committed to creating your healthiest and most beautiful smile. At Escott Orthodontics, we are creating the brightest smiles in the sunshine state.