Benefits of Choosing An Orthodontist for Teeth Straightening

A beautiful smile begins with straight teeth. When your teeth aren’t properly aligned, it can take away from the health and beauty of your smile. While it’s not always easy or cheap to have a properly aligned smile, it is worth the expense and difficulty to straighten your teeth if you want to look good and feel your most confident. While most dental offices today offer some type of orthodontic treatment, your family dentist does not have the specialized training needed to effectively straighten your teeth. If you need further proof why you should choose an orthodontist over your family dentist to help straighten your smile, here are three reasons why you should choose an Orthodontist.

1. Training

While all orthodontists are also regular dentists, not all regular dentists are orthodontists. On top of going to regular dental school, orthodontists must also undergo an additional two to three years of specialized residency training. This extra education provides future orthodontists with the chance to get the rigorous and focused training needed to become a smile straightening specialist.

2. Results

Because a true orthodontic specialist is fully trained in various orthodontic techniques, you can expect better results, often in less time. A healthy smile means more than fixing a couple of crooked teeth, it goes much further and requires that you teeth, jaws, and you jaw joints are in harmony and functioning appropriately. Even more important, your teeth should be aligned to complement your face and create your most beautiful smile. Taking short cuts often leads to poor results, which may leave your teeth, gum tissue, and jaws vulnerable to problems in the future. Quality orthodontic treatment leaves you with a smile you will enjoy for a lifetime.

2. Expertise

Because an orthodontist has specialized training, he or she will have the knowledge needed to find the best plan for straightening your teeth. Most regular dentist offices that also offer orthodontic services may only offer Invisalign, and this is not the best way to treat all patients. Some patients, especially those with more severe teeth straightening needs, may require the help of other treatment techniques, including braces. Since most regular dental offices do not offer braces and other orthodontic appliances, you will need to visit an orthodontist that specializes in a variety of teeth straightening techniques that go far beyond Invisalign. While your regular family dentist is an expert on specific areas of dental care, such as filling cavities and cleaning your teeth, he or she does not have the specialized training needed to offer you the most effective orthodontic treatment solution and customize a treatment plan for you as an individual.

About Escott Orthodontics

With locations in Lake County and Orlando, Florida, Escott Orthodontics is your top choice for high quality orthodontic care. Dr. Christopher Escott is a certified orthodontist and a true specialist in orthodontic treatment. Using modern techniques and meticulous attention to detail, Dr. Escott shapes amazing smiles for his patients. Whether you are interested in braces or Invisalign, you are welcome to visit our practice for a free consultation.

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