Damon Braces

At Escott Orthodontics we use a thoroughly modern treatment system known as the Damon System utilizing unique self-ligating brackets and modern, super-elastic, memory wires. There is actually very little that is “traditional” about our braces; in fact, we are certain that your experience with braces here will be very different than what you have come to expect from orthodontics in the past!

What this means for you is that your treatment will be faster and your experience more comfortable than ever before possible with orthodontics! Furthermore, with our modern approach to planning your treatment, you can expect your best result possible and a smile you will enjoy for a lifetime! At Escott Orthodontics, there will be a difference you can feel and see.

Braces are still the most popular and cost-effective approach to moving your teeth into the proper position to achieve your best smile and a healthy bite (occlusion). Braces also provide the doctor with the greatest control in moving your teeth, and therefore some patients will benefit more from braces than they could with other treatment options.

Damon Brackets Braces in Central Florida

Damon Clear Braces

With clear braces, you have all the benefits of traditional braces, but benefit from the esthetics of modern clear materials.

Damon Clear Braces in Central Florida