Early (Phase I) Treatment

The importance of early Orthodontic evaluation

Escott Orthodontics believes in a conservative philosophy for the treatment of young, growing children.

If you are bringing your young child to their first visit with us, our exam will be focused on identifying any problems with their dentofacial growth pattern. In general, we hope to avoid treatment in young children because it leads to two phases of orthodontic treatment for the child (one at a young age, and another after all permanent teeth erupt). However, if any problems are identified in the dentofacial growth of the child, a brief phase of orthodontic treatment can make a dramatic improvement in the proper development of the teeth, jaws, and face.

It is important to understand that only orthodontic records can identify certain problems in your developing child. For this reason, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist beginning at age 7. As a service to our community, we offer complimentary initial exams and baseline records for your children. This will help identify any possible problems in your growing child and may help us maximize your child’s benefit from orthodontic treatment in the future.

Usually, there is no treatment necessary at this time. We will then invite your child into our Pre-Orthodontic Observation Program. We feel very strongly about the necessity of following the dental and facial development of growing children. By beginning orthodontic treatment at the optimal time, we can often reduce orthodontic treatment costs, length, and discomfort.

We will re-examine your child every six to twelve months to make sure baby teeth are falling out when they should, the permanent teeth have the necessary room to grow in and do not become impacted, and any bite-related problems are not getting worse. We will then explain our recommendations for your child and discuss the future probabilities for treatment.

These visits are provided as a courtesy to you and to the families in our community and are done at no charge. Any necessary photos or x-rays needed in our office are also provided as a courtesy until the point in time when treatment is deemed necessary.

If it is determined that the orthodontic problems have progressed and that treatment would be beneficial, we will recommend further diagnostic records so a definitive treatment plan can be proposed for your child. Escott Orthodontics is one of few practices in the Central Florida area that handles Pre-Orthodontic Observation at this comprehensive level.

Orthodontics for Kids in Orlando Florida