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What Sets Us Apart?

Our Promise to You

It is our goal that the customer service you experience at Escott Orthodontics becomes the standard to which you will compare all other medical or dental offices.

  • Treatment for each patient will be guided by the personal goals of that individual, and our treatment recommendations will be based on only the best interests for that individual.
  • Treatment options will be given when possible.
  • We will not over-treat our patients; we will only recommend two phases of braces if it is absolutely to the benefit of that child.
  • We will achieve the best result possible for each patient.
  • Treatment at Escott Orthodontics goes beyond straight teeth. Here we design beautiful smiles. There will be a difference you can see and will enjoy for the rest of your life.
  • We will use sound scientific research for the foundation of our treatment recommendations and treatment methods.
  • Escott Orthodontics is and will remain owned and operated by the doctor.
  • Escott Orthodontics will not be owned or operated by a management corporation. Dr. Escott feels that this common practice may lead to unwelcomed influence and control by stockholders or other outside entities. Our practice is influenced only by legal regulatory organizations, patients and their families, and of course our referring doctors who work with us to care for our patients. This allows us to focus on exceptional care for our patients.
  • Fees will be fair for treatment and services performed.
  • Every patient will receive the same honest treatment recommendations and exceptional care that we would give our own family.
  • Dr. Escott will delegate to staff only the procedures that they are qualified to perform.
  • The team at Escott Orthodontics is made up of individuals who share our vision and the mission of the practice. Each individual is qualified and specifically trained.
  • Our promises and our treatment philosophies will not be influenced by insurance companies or associated benefits.
  • We will provide frequent, honest communication throughout your experience with us.
  • Your questions and comments are welcome.
  • We will ensure thorough cleanliness and sterility always.
  • We will to make your treatment experience as comfortable, efficient, and fun as possible.
  • We will remember that we fortunate for each patient that trusts us to provide their orthodontic care.
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