Plan and Start your Orthodontic Treatment from Home

During your virtual consultation, we will review orthodontic treatment options prepared specifically for you by Dr. Escott, design an easy payment plan for your treatment, and explore the details of any insurance benefits you may wish to use.

Getting started from home is a breeze!

Virtual Consultations at Escott Orthodontics are ideal for our future patients with busy families and difficult work schedules. Virtual consultations even allow us to include distant loved ones so they can participate in your consultation.

The Virtual Process

  1. Schedule a fast and convenient clinical records appointment now, using our online tool here.
  2. Visit our office for a quick appointment to capture clinical records. This appointment is normally 30 minutes or less, and allows us to capture state-of-the-art photographs and 3-D scans that cannot be made at home.
  3. Head home!
  4. Enjoy your consultation from your home or office, alone or with family. All you need is a smart phone or computer with GoToMeeting for our secure video conference.

Alternatively, begin a virtual consultation without a clinical records visit


  • Who can join the virtual consultation?
    • Using our secure platform, we are able to create a group video conference. This means we can include family at home, parents at work, or even grandparents out of state.
  • Why do I need to come to the office for clinical records?
    • These records allow Dr. Escott to understand your clinical concerns and provide accurate treatment options.
  • Can I have a virtual consultation without a clinical records visit?
    • Absolutely! Follow instructions here. If you choose this option, we will evaluate pictures that you send to us. Most patient’s take these pictures at home with the help of a friend or family member. Many times, Dr. Escott can provide a reasonable estimation of treatment options using pictures you take from home; however, these treatment options are only tentative. After your virtual consultation using the pictures you submitted from home, we will complete your official clinical records at your first visit with us as your treatment begins.
  • Is the records visit convenient?
    • Because the appointment is fast, we can accommodate this visit throughout the day and on short notice.
  • What are the clinical records?
    • The clinical records appointment is actually very easy. For most patients records will include: clinical photographs of your teeth and facial features, 1 or 2 simple x-rays, and a 3-D scan that creates virtual models of your teeth.
  • What do the 3-D scans do?
    • Escott will use the 3-D scans to help him more thoroughly evaluate the crowding of teeth and how the bite fits together, and the scan also makes if very easy for Dr. Escott to show his patients areas of concern. In addition, the 3-D scan can be used to make orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign and other clear aligners, braces, and retainers. At Escott Orthodontics we may “print” models of our patient’s teeth from our 3-D printer using these 3-D scans. The 3-D scan and 3-D printer eliminate the old-fashioned way of making models of teeth using messy impressions.
  • Is there radiation with 3-D scans?
    • No! 3-D scans are made using digital photography technology – its no different than having your picture taken.