Invisible Braces

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Your smile should be the first thing people see! Get the precision of traditional orthodontic treatment without the metal smile.

Customized brackets are placed on the inside of your smile for a cosmetic enhancement when treating orthodontic concerns like: Crowding, Gaps, and Overbites.

If you have been told your bite is too complex for clear aligners like Invisalign, then our state-of-the-art system of Invisible Braces could be the answer.

This is the TRUE clear option for orthodontic treatment without the hassle of clear aligners.

Your Customized Braces in less time!

Dr Escott is the sole provider in Central Florida that offers the SureSmile system for lingual braces. SureSmile is a premier method for completing orthodontic treatment in less time by utilizing Robotic Technology for a precise and predictable outcome.

After a complimentary consultation, our in house lab technician will work with Dr. Escott to order your custom brackets and wires from SureSmile technologies.


Get Started Today!

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  3. Our treatment coordinator will help you schedule your diagnostic records and a review of
    your treatment plan with Dr. Escott
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