Are Jelly Beans safe for Invisalign?

Jelly Beans for Braces and Orthodontics Patients

Patients should always take their clear aligners out before eating any meal. Jellybeans are not safe for clear braces or metal braces- the sticky gooey candy can pull brackets off. Even if the brackets survive the Jelly bean attack, the goo will get stuck in your brackets and it will be sooooo hard to clean it out!

The same thing happens with Invisalign and the attachments used during treatment. The sticky, sugary treat is difficult to clean off teeth which leads to concerns about developing cavities.

How about chocolate?

Yes! The hollow chocolate Easter bunny is safe for braces……. EXCEPT……. don’t bite a solid chocolate bunny with your front teeth. The chocolate can be hard and it can break off brackets. If you received a solid chocolate bunny, then cut it into pieces and only chew on your back teeth. AVOID caramel please, it is the same as Jelly beans.

The basic rules about candy and braces

Adult braces are the same as adolescent braces and can break from eating:

1. Sticky, gooey candy (Snickers, carmels, Jelly beans, Airheads, taffy, Starburst etc.)
2. Crunching Hard Candies
3. Popcorn and popcorn balls

Easter Candy you can enjoy

1. Peeps are mighty fine! (Click here for a recipe)
2. Hershey kisses hit the spot!
3. Kit Kats Bars are the perfect break!
4. Cadbury egg (small and NOT caramel)
5. Three Musketeers can save the day!

Remember to brush after enjoying sweets!

If you are interested in Orthodontics in Orlando or Mount Dora, you really can have sweet treats. We encourage patients to brush after snacks or rinse well if a toothbrush is not available. Our office offers the latest technology and specialize in Adult orthodontics, braces for children, and Invisalign. You can inquire about the cost of braces by calling our office and scheduling a complimentary consultation. 352-383-6166.

Patients who are interested in scheduling a virtual orthodontic consultation can click here!

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